“95% Destroyed”: Video Shows Devastation on St. Martin Island After Hurricane Irma

The record-breaking Category 5 Hurricane Irma continues its path of destruction, striking the Caribbean on Wednesday and leaving a shocking display of decimation on the Dutch side of the island of St. Martin.

Stunning photos and videos show obliterated homes, overturned boats, and large shipping containers tossed around like Lego blocks.

The tiny island’s famous airport—known for its close proximity to the shoreline where tourists can watch planes land right above their heads—is seen with a battered rooftop and significant flooding inside, rendering it incapacitated.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated, “Alas, the island is not reachable at this point because of the huge damage to the airport and the harbour.”


Planes on the tarmac were left destroyed by rocks while walkways collapsed under the brunt of rains and wind.

Floods inside the airport were accompanied by large amounts of sand.

Thankfully, though, there are currently no deaths being reported.

Photos of Damage From the St. Martin airport:

Other photos show yachts piled up next to each other and countless roofs scattered across a street after being ripped off homes:

According to the Daily Mail:

The Dutch government is holding a crisis meeting about the damage to its part, St. Maarten. Its navy has two ships stationed off the coast of the Island.

Andre van der Kamp, commander of the Dutch ship Zeeland, tweeted that the Zeeland and Pelikaan would be trying to moor on Sint Maarten to deliver emergency aid on Thursday, but they needed to complete a safety check of the port first.

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron will go to the islands hit by Hurricane Irma as soon as weather conditions permit, after authorities announced at least eight people died on Saint-Martin.

Hurricane Irma is being described as the strongest Atlantic hurricane in recent times, if not ever.

With winds clocking in at 185 mph, it’s currently headed on an expected trajectory towards Southern Florida and the Keys, prompting massive evacuations already.

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